2015- Wireless Sensor Networks

2016 – Realtime NDVI Calculating Camera System

2017 – AI Accelerated Precision Agriculture Monitoring

2018 – Sensor Fusion for Precision Agriculture

2019 – Water Surface Mapping from Satellite Imagery as a Social Responsibility Project

2019 – Agricultural Unmanned Ground Vehicles

2020 – Autonomous Disinfection Robot to Fight Covid19

2020 – Vegetation Mapping from Satellite Imagery

2020 – YieldEstimator

2020 – AI Wind Turbine Damage Detector

2020 – GAN for Remote Sensing

2021 – VitiERP


About: TARSENS R&D Founded by Celil Serhan TEZCAN & His family. TARSENS is here to tackle the most complex challenges in agricultural production with complex Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Contact for TARSENS projects; ai@tarsens.com

Contact for YieldEstimator; hi@yieldestimator.com

What makes Tarsens R&D different?

Tarsens is the only startup in Turkish AI Initiative Startup Ecosystem,

Tarsens is the only startup in the IoTxTR, which uses AI for Agriculture,

Tarsens is the only startup in the KokProjekt Startup Map with a registered Patent TR2016/17566

other projects

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