Meyvesayar / YieldEstimator

Meyvesayar/YieldEstimator product lineup will include, hardhat, pickup, tractor devices that are capable of video data gathering & inference devices.
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 We’re currently building a detectors for Codorniu Group’s Raimat vineyard.

Bir Demo (Blog Yazısı için Tık)
A Demo of Yield Estimator (Click Here for Blog Post)

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Extreme Accuracy Counting

Ignoring fruits on the ground

Grape bunch detection

Grape bunch counting

Pistachio & Almond & Grape Detector, Realtime.

Real Time Walnut Detection & Counting!

Real Time Walnut Tree Detection & Counting!

Real Time Olive Detection & Scene Counting!

Walnut Detector

Walnut Tree Detector

Almond Detector

Olive Counter

Parcel Health

Single Class Apple Detection

Different models for different apple classes

Common Model for Different Class of Apples

Simultaneous Tracing Hub for Many Workers in Realtime

Apricot Detection Model

Grapes, one by one, can you imagine?

Plums, yeah, many!

Pear Detection

Hyperfast Detection, Blink and it is gone!

Tomato ripening tracking

Pistachio Model


Other applications

Fuel Price Detector

Container Detector

Chicken Detector

Sheep! Detector

Sheep Counter

Wind Turbine Blade Damage Spotter

Building Detector

Human, Building, Car, Plane, Ship, Tree Detection & Counting, Real Time.

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